We are creating a processional walkway around the church that will be known as the “Pathway for Peace”.The processional walkway around the church has been fully approved and we’re excited to share with you the 3D video of the design, which can be seen on the television in the hall. We are also looking forward to selling more of the pavers that will adorn the edges of the path.

Remember that you can purchase as many individual, family or business pavers as you like. All you need to do is to choose one of three sizes, tell us what you want to say on it, and give us your payment information. To maintain consistency, we will not accept artwork or images.

Please consider buying extra pavers for those who can’t afford them. And if you would like to make a special donation to this project, please talk to a member of the church board.

Click Here to view videos depicting the design for the pathway in daylight and at night as well as pricing, printable order forms, views and dimensions of each paver and other images of the path.