Brothers Veselinovich

After a flurry of e-mails announcing the visit of Fr. Srdjan’s younger Brother, Fr. George from Sydney, Australia… Liturgy attendance increased one third on Sunday, 8/18/2013, at our Saints Constantine & Helen Church of Galveston, Texas. “It has to be the 1st time, in a 118 years, that our little Church had 2 brothers (both, Priests) serve together. Although Fr. George has visited & served before, he was a Deacon at the time”, said our Texas reporter, Elaine Mitrovich. Fr. George said “It was heart-warming to learn that my mere presents, on a hot & sunny Texas day, would increase attendance for my brother Serge, as we all labor in the Lord’s work”. “What a wonderful extra for our Church when celebrating The Transfiguration of Our Lord. And Liturgy was followed by Coffee & Treats with an abundance of fruit dishes provided by our wonderful Lady Parishioners” said Church    Board Member, Nada Grueneich.